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Modules & Assignments

MOD 1: High School Choice - Why it Matters


Students will confront the critical need for equitable access to a quality education. They will also reflect on why their families decided to bring them to Nevada Prep and what that means going forward.


Assignment: Video

MOD 2: Our Community - Las Vegas High School Options

Students will examine the current state of our Education system in Las Vegas and determine what that means for them and their futures. They will learn the difference between different types of schools as well as how to analyze school statistics and data so that it may inform their decision on where to go to high school. 

Assignment: Project
  • School Presentation

MOD 3: Prospective High Schools

Students will discuss next steps in choosing high schools to tour and interview. Students will determine what is important to them in regard to their academic and social/emotional learning. They will also learn what to look for in a school and practice asking mission-driven questions during tours. They will also practice writing emails with questions about prospective schools. 



  • School Choice Vision - Short Essay
MOD 4: High School Tours

Over the next three weeks students will tour six high school options, ask questions to their school leaders and determine if this would be a school they might be interested in. 



  • Values and interests worksheet 

MOD 5: How to Apply to Choice Schools

Students will learn how to apply to charter schools, magnet schools, and private schools. Students will choose at least three schools to apply to and practice their applications. 



  • Practice Application and Essay

MOD 6: Access & Communication: Transportation, Financial Aid, Scholarships & Talking to your Families

Students will learn how to navigate options for transportation as well as learn how to apply for financial aid and scholarships (where applicable). Students will also practice how to keep their families informed and learn what resources are available at Nevada Prep to help ease their transition from middle school to high school. 



  • Transportation Plan

MOD 7: Applying to School Options and Meetings 

Students will apply to the schools that they chose. Ms. Hines will set up parent meetings about their scholars' choices and what that means for them and their family. 

No assignments will be given during the application process.
MOD 8: Reflection

Students will reflect on their options for high school, what they learned in semester 1 and goals going forward.



  • Reflection Worksheet