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With a focus on academic achievement and leadership development, Nevada Preparatory Charter School (Nevada Prep) educates every third- through eighth-grade student for success in high school, college and life.
In Nevada, more than 80% of our students earn a high school diploma. Yet, only 12% of our students are academically ready for college, and far too few students leave school ready to enter the workforce.
Every child deserves an excellent education, but a wide Opportunity Gap persists in our community. Student outcomes are consistently and drastically correlated with race, ethnicity, and household income.
Most Nevada students (at least 63%) aspire to earn at least one college degree. In order to help students realize this dream, we must prepare them to excel in high school, first.
Nevada Preparatory Charter School (Nevada Prep) is a third- through eighth-grade public charter school launched in August 2018. Nevada Prep was designed based on an in-depth study of top-performing public schools across the nation and with feedback from hundreds of Las Vegas families. We do not know what the future will look like for our students, but we know that preparing our students to think critically, communicate powerfully, and serve as leaders will serve students well, no matter what.
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What happens in middle school matters… a lot.
Every student deserves the choice to attend and succeed in college, so our students receive a rigorous college-preparatory education in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Every student has different needs, so every day our students receive the personalized math and literacy support they need to catch up and then get ahead.
Choosing the right-fit high school has lifelong consequences, o our students visit high schools and receive high school admission counseling.
Our students will solve big problems for their communities, so they experience the community through educational, purposeful field trips.
All students have untapped gifts and interests, so our students take diverse enrichment courses including Spanish, music, coding, athletics, and yoga.