2023 Summer School

Good morning families:

As many of you know, by popular demand, we’ve been able to secure some additional funding and partnerships to offer two rounds of summer school on campus this year.

Ms. Hartman will be leading summer school this, and she’ll be summer school principal, so please address all questions to her at [email protected] or 702-622-0585.

Even if you have already expressed interest to Ms. Hartman, me, or your child’s teacher, please be sure to complete the forms below to confirm that your child will be attending, if you have not already done so. These are the same links that have been posted on Class Dojo or that you may have received in a personal message from Ms. Hartman.

Please read the information at nvprep.org/famblog carefully because there are some important differences between Round 1 and Round 2 of summer school. The registration link is below. You can also access it here.

At this point there will not be bus transportation, unfortunately, but we may add it later if we are able. 

If there are seats available, we will open the invitation to non-NV Prep students as well. If you have friends who would like to attend NV Prep next year, summer school is a great way for them to get started with us.

We look forward to seeing many of you and your children at summer school. 

Thank you!