Campus Safety Update

Dear NV Prep families:


Thank you to those who have reached out with concerns about recent dangerous, reckless social media posts that are going viral across Clark County. For those of you who haven’t seen them, there are a few generic posts that mention a school shooting they claim will happen in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 10th.


Local police and CCSD have published statements about these posts, which you can read here. So far, police believe these claims are “unsubstantiated,” but it is a good reminder to be vigilant about scholar safety. To be clear, there is no information at this time about any actionable threat against NV Prep, but we hear your concerns and are taking them seriously.


In light of these reports, we have requested that Metro police patrol remains near campus tomorrow for extra peace of mind. A Metro officer also visited campus today to let us know they are keeping an eye on campus. He also walked our perimeter to make sure everything was secure and safe.


We have reviewed safety procedures with students and staff today. Our classrooms are equipped with heavy duty doors and electronic locks that remain locked during the school day and can only be accessed with specific digital keys. The doors also include a lockdown mode which prevents doors from being opened even with their normal key. We have also increased some safety precautions at our main office entrance.


Social media can be a dangerous tool because anyone can post claims like these, and posts can be forwarded and re-shared with thousands or millions of users very quickly. Please continue to talk with your children and monitor their social media use. As a reminder, scholars younger than 13 should not legally have social media accounts, and some platforms require users to be even older. Even for older children, social media brings a lot of risks, dangers, and stress that can be avoided.


Thank you for working with us. Keeping our children safe is our top priority. We are heartbroken to continually see stories about guns and violence in schools, so we are doing our best to keep NV Prep a place that is safe and feels safe for everyone.


Please contact me with any time with questions (702-301-8118 or [email protected])




Mr. Blodgett