Nevada Prep Bus

We are in the process of converting our bus fleet to an electric vehicle fleet and installing vehicle charging stations on campus, with the help of some generous grants. This will improve the reliability of our transportation program and reduce fuel costs, but we are now realistically not expecting to obtain electric buses until near the end of the school year because of delays. The buses may arrive sooner, but we are no getting our hopes up, and we are making backup plans, because we have experienced so many similar delays for other purchases.

In the meantime, we are purchasing two additional diesel buses so we can add more bus routes. That way we can serve more scholars and reduce the length of our bus routes. We hope to have these new buses running soon. We needed to look out of state to find buses, so we are having air conditioning installed because it is not safe to run school buses in Las Vegas without it.

For now, you can see the bus stops and schedule at

Thank you everyone who has taken the bus rider survey already. If you have not take in (or if you can’t remember if you took it) please complete it at

If the bus becomes too crowded, we may revise the schedule to run two routes per bus so we can serve more scholars. Please keep the communication open and send any transportation concerns to [email protected]. For any urgent questions these first days of school, you can also call or text 702-301-8118.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility. There is a reason Nevada Prep is the only charter school in Southern Nevada currently offering bus transportation. It is a complex program to operate, and charter schools do not receive any special funding for transportation, while school districts receive $1,000 or more per bus rider each year. We will continue to advocate for more fair funding, but we will also do all we can to transport as many children as possible, to and from school safely every day. Because we are growing so much this year, we know there will be some surprises and changes over the first couple weeks of school, but we promise you we will work to address them to everyone’s satisfaction as quickly as we can.