Dear founding families & new families, 

We are so excited to see your children on Wednesday, August 7th. We have some important announcements regarding the first few days of school. As always, we’re available to answer your questions. Feel free to call, text, email, or stop by campus. 

#1) Mount Charleston Trip

We are excited to take our new and founding students to Mount Charleston. Students will hike the Mary Jane Trail. Due to the limited amount of seats on our coach buses, we will not be able to provide transportation for our parent volunteers. Parents are more than welcome to meet us at the Mary Jane trail head at 10:00am. Students do not have to wear uniforms on Thursday and Friday. We will have staff members on campus if your child has any health conditions that may prevent them from participating. 

There will be two separate field trips for students. 

Thursday, August 8th will only be for NEW students. 

Friday, August 9th will be for RETURNING students.

Please fill out this form to give your student permission to attend. 
To confirm, NEW students will not have school on Friday August 9th. RETURNING students will not have school on Thursday, August 8th.

#2) Transportation (Short-Term Challenges)

We are excited to offer two different bus routes this year. As returning families know, we are the only charter school in the valley offering transportation to and from school. Returning families can also tell you the school faces some uphill battles to get transportation off the ground. We are committed to making Nevada Prep as accessible as it can be, so we are doing whatever it takes to get transportation running as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Nevada Prep is a family, and we appreciate you working with us as we deal with hiccups.

We have purchased a second school bus, and it is in good shape. We are required by law to have the bus inspected by the Highway Patrol before we can begin transporting students in the bus. We are actively pursuing the inspection, but unfortunately the inspection has not yet taken place. 

We were hopeful to have the inspection completed by Wednesday, but given that it has not yet happened, we are proposing a temporary solution for transportation for dates of August 7-9. We hope to have the inspection completed by Monday, August 12, but we will continue to keep families apprised of the situation. 

If you would like your child to be transported before the second bus is in operation, please carefully review the bus schedules below.