Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is a charter school?

  • Public Charter schools are independent public schools, but they are not part of the public school district. This means:

    • Charter schools are tuition-free. Families do not pay to attend charter schools.

    • Charter schools serve all students, including English language learners, students with disabilities, and students with behavior challenges

    • Charter school students and families are eligible for all state and Federal programs, including free or reduced-price lunch.


2. What is the Nevada Achievement School District?

  • The Nevada Achievement School District is part of the Nevada Department of Education. The Nevada Achievement School District works to make sure that every community has a high-quality neighborhood school. You can see how the schools in your neighborhood are doing by visiting or


3.Does Nevada Prep provide transportation?

  • Yes. Nevada Prep is committed to being an inclusive and accessible school, so we provide transportation in multiple Las Vegas neighborhoods. Transportation should not be a barrier for families to attend the school of their choice.